What is flu? It’s symptoms and treatment

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What is flu? It’s symptoms and treatment

What is flu? It’s symptoms and treatment

Flu or influenza

• Influenza is a viral infection of human being.
• It is also commonly known as "the flu”.
• It is caused by a virus. It infects the upper respiratory tract of humans.
• This virus is present all over in the environment.

What is the flu? It's symptoms and treatment | Prescribez.com

• Symptoms of flu:-

 Fever
 Cough
 Headache
 Malaise ( tired feeling )
 Bodyache
 Occasionally chills
 Sore throat ( pain in throat while swallowing )
 Runny or stuffy nose ( common in children )
 Nausea
 Vomiting
 Diarrhoea
 Earache
 Discharge from ear ( commonly in paediatric practice )
 Occasionally chest pain because of cough
 Loss of appetite

The infection usually gets cured within a period of two weeks.
Usually this infection is seasonal.
Excessive hot weather or excessive damp weather or excessive cold weather
are more infectious weathers.
It is a contagious disease….means this gets spread very easily.
The virus remains active in any naso-oral secretions.
Even sneezing or openly coughing causes spreading of the virus.
If one person from a family get infected with this influenza virus , almost all family members get infected one by one .
As usual prevention is better than cure…- try to prevent from getting infected with this virus .
Avoid visiting the people who are infected with the FLU .
If by chance you get infected with the influenza virus , try to avoid gong in crowded area . This may causes spread of influenza infection from your body to other .
Generally flu is not really life threatening disease.
But if vomiting and diarrhoea persist for long time, it may cause dehydration at any degree and eventually if neglected, may result in life threatening event.


 Rest is the most important part in treatment of flu.

 Steam with plain water and salt water gargling helps in recovering from complaints

 Antipathetic

 Analgesics

 There is no any specific role of antibiotics . But if superadded infection occurs

 then add antibiotics .

 No need to add antiviral medicine

 Take care of dehydration occurred because of vomiting and diarrhoea.

 Avoid spicy and oily food , cold-drinks , ice-creams etc.

 Eat healthy food.
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