Things Every Women Should Know Before Embracing Motherhood!

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Things Every Women Should Know Before Embracing Motherhood!

"The strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws." -Barbara Kingsolver

For Every Girl the first encounter with motherhood starts within the family. You get to hear, see and experience lot of things even before the journey starts. This leads to forming an opinion which might or might not be based on the facts. It always better to consult expert gynecologist when you start contemplating about this beautiful and important turning point in your life.

Things Every Women Should Know Before Embracing Motherhood!

Pregnancy Facts from Experts-

Pregnancy have a duration of 9 month 7 days for full term. In weeks it is about 40 weeks. Pregnancy is treated in three trimesters:

First trimester – from 1st – 3rd month
Second trimester – from 4th- 6th month
Third trimester – from 7th – 9th month.

First trimester- These three months are very important, as the conception is very new for the womb. So special care is must.

A woman feels nausea , vomiting , mood swing , giddiness , feels sleepy all the time. These are very common complaints by almost every woman. But it is not important that everyone must have it.

For these 3 months medicines include only FOLIC ACID…which plays very important role in development of brain and spinal cord.

Doctors suggest that you start folic acid as the thought of pregnancy comes to your mind. Other medicines are symptomatic.

Hear comes first USG (sonography).

Second trimester – In these three months almost all parts of body gets developed. In these days one should take care for proper diet as new tissue and new organs get developed in this trimester.

Here nausea and vomiting is almost gone. Patient feels very hungry which is a very good sign of healthy pregnancy. Patient starts putting on weight. During pregnancy approximately 11kg weight increases.

After 5th month abdominal growth increases. Patient may feel fetus movement.

Medicines for this trimester are IRON AND CALCIUM.

Now diet and special exercise for pregnancy is most important.

Diet must include all vegetables , juices , and all healthy food items which are prepared at home under the hygienic condition.

Here comes second USG( sonography ) called anamaly scan where we come to know about any developmental abnormality in a baby.

Some blood investigations must get done in this trimester of pregnancy.

Third trimester – These three months are very critical. Care should be taken properly. In these three months the organs that are developed in second trimester grows in size and full development occur. In this trimester , here weight increases , but here baby’s weight increases and not mother’s. Abdominal growth increases very rapidly. fetus movement increases and fetus heart sound can be heard with stethoscope also.

In these days, low backache is very common. Which will be reduced with regular exercise. Breathing exercise is also plays important role during pregnancy.

During these days patient feels hungry after every 1-2hrs. And it is normal as uterine size increases, space for stomach get reduced, and little food at a time causes fulfillment of hunger. So patient must eat something healthy after every 2 hrs.

Medicines are as per second trimester i.e. IRON AND CALCIUM.

Here comes third USG ( sonography ) to check the fetus position in the womb.
These are routine investigations during pregnancy, but if something goes wrong, USG repetitions have to get done.
Vaccination – During pregnancy two Tetanus vaccines are given in 4th-5th or 5th-6th month with one month space in between two injections.

Lastly, Pregnancy is not a disease. So one should not be always take rest for 24 hrs. Rest is important..but only for 1-2 hrs during daytime other than night sleep.

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