Relation between diabetes and heart disease

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Relation between diabetes and heart disease

Connection between Diabetes and Heart Disease :

People with diabetes have high risk of heart disease. Diet, exercise, and change in lifestyle are important factors in preventing heart disease.
In diabetes, due to diabetic neuropathy patient does not feel any chest pain which can missguide the patients, as heart complaints are other than chest pain like giddiness, nausea, vomitting and all. So patients awareness is most important in such cases.
How Diabetes and Heart Disease Are Related-

The high sugar in the blood damages the arteries, makes them stiff and hard. Arteries loose its elasticity. Fatty material inside these blood vessels can eventually block blood flow to the heart or brain, leading to heart attack or stroke. Your risk of heart disease with diabetes is further elevated if you also have a family history of cardiovascular disease or stroke.

Other heart facts to consider-

• A person with diabetes who has had one heart attack has a much greater risk of having another.
• A middle-aged person who has diabetes has the same chance of having a heart attack as someone who is not diabetic, but already had a heart attack.
Protect Your Heart While Living With Diabetes -

1.Be active- At least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise for five days a week.
2.Consider low-dose aspirin- If your doctor advised.
3.Eat a heart-healthy diet. Avoid fried foods, red meats, and eggs, and eat more high-fiber foods, including whole grains, vegetables, and fruits

• Reduce weight if you're overweight.
• Keep blood cholesterol levels within normal limit.
• Keep blood sugar level within normal limit
• Maintain a controlled blood pressure level, preferably 130/80 or lower.
• Stop smoking.
• Take all of your medications as prescribed.

Change in lifestyle and proper medication is the most important thing.
If you develop symptoms of a heart attack, seek medical help immediately because early treatment can decrease the further damage to your heart.