All you want to know about organ donation in India

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All you want to know about organ donation in India

Organ Donation Day in India is celebrated on 13th of August every year by the people, government organizations and other related professions. This encourages healthy human beings to donate their organs. Moreover, it helps us to understand the value of organ donation in the life of an individual.

Importance of Organ Donation

The donor of the organs plays a role of God in the life of organ transplanted person. One organ donor can save more than 8 lives in his life by donating his well function organs.

Who can donate organ

Age,caste or gender are no restriction for donating an organ. Almost everyone of us can donate organ including children after taking consent from their parents. However , if someone is having one of the following medical conditions, it is better to consult with organ donation specialist:
1. Ongoing HIV treatment
2. Ongoing cancer treatment
3. Active infection like sepsis
4. Intravenous drug use

Which organs can be donated?

Contrary to popular belief, we can donate many other organs besides kidney and eye. We can donate heart, lungs, liver, pancreas and cornea. Moreover, tissues like skin tissues and bone tissues can also be donated. Also, some of the peculiar one include small intestine, heart valves and veins.

How and where to donate organs?

Many NGOs and organizations of the country involved in organ donation. Following is the list of some of them:

  1. Mohan Foundation

  2. Gift Your Organ Foundation

  3. Shatayu

  4. Gift A Life

  5. Dadhichi Mission from Central India (Delhi, Modinagar, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bhopal and Bangalore)

Online Organ Registry

There is a facility of online organ registry for the people all over India who are willing to donate organs on their voluntarily.You can also sign up as an organ donor on Organ Donation India

What is organ donor card?

All the people who register to donate their organs get and organ donor card . Also, it helps to carry  the card with you all the time so that people become aware that you have already decided for organ donation.

So what are you waiting for?

1. Register your decision in the organ donation registry
2. Inform and discuss your decision with the family as well near and dear
3. Carry the organ donor card with you

Donate an organ and Save a life

P.S. - Prescribez App emergency section has link to the registry. Download app today to register from your mobile.