How to keep your heart rate healthy?

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How to keep your heart rate healthy?

Heart rate beat is one sound which makes the lowest noise but makes keeps everything going. Keeping this in control is most neglected but important part of anyone who wants to be healthy. In this blog our expert doctor will help you take care of yours and your family's heart healthy. This world heart day lets give our heart all it needs to keep our heart healthy.

Rule #1 Look before your eat

• Eat a seasonal and variety of fruits and vegetables every day. (5 servings - they are naturally low in fat and high in vitamins and minerals and anti oxidants). Eat colored vegetables and fruits
• Eat a variety of grain products
• Prefer nonfat or low-fat products.
• Use less fat meats- chicken, fish
Switch to fat-free milk—toned/skimmed milk
• Limit your intake of foods as high in calories and low in nutrition, including foods like soft drinks, candy, junk food
• Eat less than 6 gms of salt a day

How to keep your heart rate healthy?

•Rule #2 Exercise…..Exercise………Exercise…….…..

• Mortality is halved in retired men who walk more than two miles every day
• Regular exercise can halve the risk of heart disease, particularly in men who walk briskly
• Someone who is inactive has a great risk of having heart disease as someone who smokes, has high blood pressure or has high cholesterol
• Exercise significantly reduces the chances of diabetes and stroke
• With regular exercise, blood pressure in those with hypertension is reduced by as much as 20mms Hg

Now little info about cholesterol
• LDL cholesterol is known as bad cholesterol. It has a tendency to increase risk of heart disease
• LDL cholesterol is a major component of the plaque that clogs arteries
• HDL cholesterol is known as the good cholesterol. Higher in women, increases with exercise
• HDL cholesterol helps carry some of the bad cholesterol out of arteries.

However, HDL cholesterol is important and as it increases with exercise. On this WORLD HEART DAY lets concentrate on exercise and lets promise to our HEART to help him to remain healthy. Daily 45 min walking is also fair enough for your heart.  STAY HEALTHY! CONTINUE EXERCISE!! CONTINUE WALKING!!!

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