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Almost half of the adult population has been suffering from Migraine. Many Research in the field of Neurology shows that 50% of adults have had headache at least once within the last year. The reason may have to do with a woman’s menstrual cycle, but triggers can also include alcohol, weather changes, stress, food and lack of sleep.

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Few Tips To Prevent Migraine:

1. Drink water
Dehydration can be a big cause of headaches.

2. Drink caffeine
Caffeine is a double-edged sword – it can help and hinder headache.
“Caffeine can restrict blood vessels, it can lessen pain, If someone uses caffeine excessively, it can cause a rebound headache, making existing headaches worse.”

3. Tying a headband around the head
This is a practice that's been done since ancient times, some people claim it works.

4. Fish oil
Enthusiasts claim that fish oil reduces inflammation and works by restricting the blood vessels in your temples.
5. Peppermint oil mostly used migraine
Rub it on the part of your head that hurts.
6. Eat ginger or take ginger capsules useful for neurology disease
No one really knows how this works either.It clearly reduces nausea
7. Magnesium
when taken in doses of 400 to 600 milligrams per day, magnesium is effective for menstrual-associated migraines and migraines associated with auras.
8. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
In doses of 400 milligrams a day, vitamin B2 can also act as a preventative for migraines
9. CoEnzymeQ10
Taking 300 milligrams per day has proven to be effective in reducing head pain.
10. Butterbur
The most effective natural medicine, is called butterbur, or petasites.
11. Cold (or hot) compress

12. Headache Home Remedy: DIY Scalp Massage
Do-it-yourself scalp massages can be an effective way to alleviate migraine pain, the area in the back of the head, at the base of the skull — reduces migraine pain.Massage in general has been identified as a useful home remedy for headaches

13. Headache Home Remedy: Feverfew
70 percent of participants had less migraine after taking feverfew daily.

14. Headache Home Remedy: Flaxseed
Some headaches are caused by inflammation, which can be reduced by consuming omega-3 fatty acids.

15. Headache Home Remedy: Buckwheat
Buckwheat is a cereal.