Ageing Parents Health Care : Understanding Common Symptoms and Remedies

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Ageing Parents Health Care : Understanding Common Symptoms and Remedies

Old age parental illness is most common but neglected part in this modern world where we are too busy to pay attention to our own health. We come across lot of discussions on health problems of what a children, teenagers, mid age men and women but there is very limited information about old age health issues.

Consulting a paediatrician Also helps you decide the right pah for Elderly care. In this blog we are trying to cover common symptoms and remedies for the health issues faced by ageing parents in the age group of 60 and above.

Ageing Parents Health Care Understanding Common Symptom & Remedie
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1. Alzheimer’s: is characterised by the loss of memory ‘Alzheimer’s ,problems with memory, thinking and behaviour ‘The patient suffers damage in areas of the brain that control language, reasoning, sensory processing, and conscious thought. Memory loss and confusion become worse, and the person begins to have problems recognising family and friends.

Advancements in its treatment: early identified, the better prognosis. Current treatment is based on treating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s but can not eradicate the cause of the condition.

2.Parkinson’s: ‘Parkinson’s disease is an illness, which affects the brain, in which certain nerve cells – which play an important role in motor functions of the body – are lost or die. The loss of nerve cells takes place slowly, and gradually spreads to several areas of the brain, as a result, new symptoms gradually develop over time and the initial symptoms become more difficult to control. .Patients with Parkinson’s disease may also have difficulty maintaining balance, walking and tend to fall even when they are slightly off-balance , change in the quality of voice, stooped posture and change in handwriting.

Advancements in its treatment: Earlier, patients were treated with medication and physiotherapy to beat the symptoms of the disease.

3. Arthritis: a condition that is caused due to the wear and tear of cartilage. As a person grows, the cartilage that is present between two bones, slowly starts to degrade. Soon it reaches a point where it becomes extremely thin and allows the bones to rub against each other. This causes pain, inflammation and difficulty in moving the joint.

Advancements in its treatment: The current treatment modalities providing the patient relief from swelling and the pain. Surgical procedures are also available.

4.Diabetes: In the elderly, the most common type of diabetes seen is type 2 diabetes , due to the decline in their body’s ability to use insulin.

Advancements in its treatment: Oral medicines that control one’s blood sugar successfully and for uncontrolled diabetes inj insulin is recomanded.

5.Disk prolapse: the cartilage present between the vertebrae shift out of position, common condition in elderly because the cartilage tend to degrade making them thinner and therefore more prone to slipping out of place.

Advancements in its treatment: Operative procedure is the most common treatment.

6.Urinary incontinence: person cannot hold or control the flow of his/her urine. The most common symptom is when the person laughs or sneezes a small amount of urine leaks out. Urinary incontinence is caused due to the weakening of the muscles that control the flow of urine. In female it is due to forceful / multiple normal deliveries.
In male it may occure due to enlarged prostate glands.

Advancements in the treatment: For female- Kegal exercise
For male operative of prostate glande.

7.Stroke: This is a condition like heart attack, its an attack of brain caused by no blood supply to brain due to blood clot .

Advancements in the treatment: Medicines to prevent further attack. Otherwise symptomatic medicines.

8.Cancer: prostrate, colon, breast, lung and stomach cancer are common in old age.

Advances in its treatment: Treatment is based on type of cancer. Medicines and operatives as per age and patient’s response.

9.Tremors: Tremors are seen in elderly, called essential tremors. It is caused due to the slow degradation of the nerves and passage of impulses between the brain and the limb that is at work.

Advancements in its treatment: No medicines. Only taking care for any accidents due to tremers.

10.Dementia: common symptoms are memory loss, problems performing everyday functions, problems with language, disorientation to time and place and poor or decreased abilities of judgement.

Advancements in its treatment: No medicines, only taking care exactly like a stubern child.