Explosive diarrhoea common causes and how to treat it

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Explosive diarrhoea common causes and how to treat it

Explosive diarrhoea” “Explosive diarrhoea”(ED) is just a descriptive term. It is not a diagnosis but is a diarrhoea symptom. There is a medical term for one of the types of “explosive diarrhoea” called Brainerd diarrhoea. It starts suddenly with watery stool and it lasts for months. Here intestinal movement gets increased from 4 per min. to about 10 per min. This causes gushing of stool and gases from bowel with loud noise like explosion. That’s why this term Explosive Diarrhoea used. Explosive diarrhoea common causes and how to treat it “Explosive diarrhoea” is very unpleasant and may be very embarrassing. Explosive diarrhoea is one of the sign of a chronic inflammatory bowel disease like Crohns disease or Ulcerative colitis. It is also called as acute presentation of a chronic disease. Diarrhoea also occure in viral infection of stomach also known as stomach flu and many times it gets resolved by itself. Explosive diarrhoea is also possibly occur in newly developed gluten allergy.


 Lactose intolerance.  Food poisoning.  Food allergies and food sensitivities first.  Autonomic neuropathy is a condition in which nerves which are involved in the digestive process gets damaged . This condition is common in diabetics.  Autonomic neuropathy can cause bacterial overgrowth in the intestines and this affect the intestinal motility .All these problems may cause “explosive diarrhoea” or other changes in bowel habits.  Normal intestinal flora gets disturbed due to overuse of antibiotics , improper diet, hormonal changes, some chronic conditions like Crohns disease, etc. This imbalance of intestinal flora may indirectly be causing diarrhoea.


• Avoid spicy and greasy foods • Avoid gluten rich food • Add more healing foods like organic vegetable soup, blended or steamed vegetables and • Many herbal teas like chamomile, peppermint, and rosehip. • Probiotics can be very beneficial. • Drink a lot of water to flush out whatever is causing this diarrhoea symptoms. • In major part of IBS patient treatment is use of stress-relief techniques.

Stay away from:-

• Stress • Cigarette smoke • Environmental toxins • Strenuous exercise • Food additives • Poor diet