Difference Between Yoga and Exercise? Here is solution

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Difference Between Yoga and Exercise? Here is solution

Yoga is not an exercise

• Generally there is huge confusion among the people regarding difference between Yoga and exercise. Every Beginners should check and consider the difference between both though they are very helpful for physical fitness.

• Yoga is not only the rhythmic movement and specific body posture ,it is completely the concentration of your mind along with sole while making body movement whereas Exercise is only related with physical movements.

• Yoga has specific flow and steps .It contains Yam,Niyam,Asan Pranayam, Dhyan ,Dharana and Samadhi…Exercise has nothing to do with All these steps.

• Respiration plays very important role in yoga. As the yogic practice increases, respiratory rate goes down. In exercise respiration gets quick to increase oxygen level.

• Due to Yoga respiration along with heart rate gets controlled while in exercise due to vigorous movement heart rate is several times goes up.

• The temperature falls down in yoga whereas physical exercises increase temperature of the body.

• The metabolic rate will be less in practicing yoga, whereas it is increased in physical exercise, hence yoga practitioners require less food than people practicing physical exercise.
• Yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system while physical exercise activates the sympathetic nervous system.

• Yoga develop flexibility and the ability to adapt to the new environment if practiced correctly and they help in developing stamina.

• Yoga help to co-ordinate the endocrinal secretions and balancing the reactions and develops positive attitude in life.

• Exercises are aimed at building your muscles and physical strength and endurance. Exercises involve repetition of certain movements .The idea of Asanas is not building muscles, but harmonizing the body, breath and mind, thereby contributing to the overall health of the individual. The effect of yoga goes beyond the body. Benefits of yoga include not only strength and steadiness of the body, but also physiological and mental health. Yoga prevents as well as alleviates health problems.

In difference between Yoga and Exercise, Yoga can make your body, mind & soul in a calm way, but exercise can’t do anything to your mind & soul, it will strength & shape your body.

Both are good , One should choice as per the purpose.