Back Pain – Common causes and treatment

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Back Pain – Common causes and treatment

Preventive Aspects of Backache
Most of us at some point or other of our lives must have suffered from back pain. Majority of back pain is related to our lifestyle & posture and is preventable. A small proportion of back pain is due to conditions like disc prolapse, infection, tumors etc. Back pain is a significant cause of discomfort in 4 out of 5 people.

It is a common misconception of the general population that surgery is required for majority of the spine related ailments especially low back pain. Nothing could be further from the truth. Only 10 % patients required surgery out of all who are suffering from backache.

Back Pain - Common causes and treatment

Laser surgeries , Microlumbar discectomy ,Vertebroplasty, Cervical and lumbar fusion of vertebra, Nucleoplasty, Cervical disc replacement like ultramodern procedure are preformed but a holistic approach to spinal problems incorporating the Spinal surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Neurologist, Physiotherapist, Ayurvedic Consultant and Yoga instructor helps achieve excellent results in majority of patients without surgery.

Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercises, vitamin & nutrient deficiencies, poor posture at work especially in IT professionals are the common causes of low back pain. Maintaining proper posture at work & having good ergonomics at computer work stations is of utmost importance.

Another easy method of preventing postural or biomechanical back pain is with the help of Neck & Back exercises where the physiotherapist & yoga instructor play a vital role. Simple measures like bending at the hips & knees while picking something from the ground, avoiding bumpy roads help prevent the back pain.

Owing to its multidimensional nature, no single intervention is likely to be effective at preventing the overall problem of back pain, although multiple treatment modalities will definitely be in the patients benefit.

Deficiency of calcium, other mineral & vitamins like B & D vitamins are contributing causes of spinal pain & are often under diagnosed & under treated.Successful incorporation of a holistic approach results in more effective treatment or rather prevention of Spinal pain enabling all to move towards ZERO Backache.

The above also ensures that patients who really require surgery or other treatments reach the Spinal surgeon & the proportion of such people is very low. Every person is different & hence every treatment or preventive program for back pain also has to be tailor-made to fit these people. Involvement of more than one treating person as in the backache clinic helps in customizing these plans for optimum patient comfort, compliance & satisfaction.